Frequently Asked Questions

— How to purchase?
— Choose the texture (in catalog) that fits you, press "Buy & download". Then you will be transferred to a protected Share-it page to encode your data and further purchase. Then you will be given a link to download purchased item.


— Is it safe to buy?
— On-line purchasing service and security of transactions are provided by trusted service Share-it. If you have more questions or you need more information, you may visit or FAQ page


— How can I save on it?
— You may purchase bundles. Purchasing bundles will cost you cheaper then each texture purchased separately.


— How can I earn on it? Can I have an income?
— You can recieve 20% of your referrer's purchase by joining our affiliate program. Visit the Affiliate Program for more information.


— Do free textures have the same features as chargeable textures?
— No. Free sky textures have only 8-bit JPG format.  There are no 32-bit EXR or HDR formats. JPG has not the richness of color data, therefore your renders will not be given physically correct shadows. That's why by using free textures you may not be able to value all advantages of our EXR and HDR textures.  However, it can be used as a background texture.


— How to use these textures?
— It is better to use Sky-HDRi textures as a bitmap on global light source, example Vray Light in Dome mode. Using this method you don't need to use additional light sources simulated sky or sun, example VraySun.  All necessary lighting (from atmosphere, sun, reflected light of sky) will be produced by a texture. You can watch video tutorial about how to use our panoramas:


— Why my 3d-scene don't need an additional light sources using this textures?
— Our sky textures were shot and edited in a special way, so there is no need of extra global sources of light, such as atmosphere light or sun. If there is sunlight on a texture the light from that area will come in the best proportional action for that atmosphere. The same will be applied for accompanying objects on a texture, such as clouds or atmosphere's light. Light and color fits atmosphere conditions when panorama was shot.


— Will I be able to make high quality megarenders using your textures?
— The quality of your work depends on what tools you use. Unfortunately, Sky-HDRi can help you as tool, but can't effect to a quality of the materials, other textures, shots and other details you use, which you create and what doesn’t depend on us and our products.


— I have a question about usage of textures.
— If after reading this FAQ page or watching video tutorial you still haven't find an answer and you have question you may e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.